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Lion approached Pop That to consult on a series of videos they were planning for Myagi, a unique video-based education platform designed for the hospitality industry. The goal was to modernize their ambassador program by producing content that would provide ground-up education to hospitality workers and bartenders. We loved their idea of building a professional relationship with the people selling their products, so we said: bring it on!

After introducing Lion to our video-production pipeline, it became clear that our relationship was worth exploring further, and we were asked to apply our visual storytelling expertise to the production in a hands-on capacity. Together, Lion and Pop That created a comprehensive catalogue of over one hundred educational videos.

Breweries supporting businesses
Barrels of content

Across three batches of production we put together 154 videos covering everything from the definition of “wine,” to the individual tasting notes of Lion’s beer range. No stone of hospitality experience was left unturned as we aimed for total educational coverage. Want to know how to correctly open a bottle of sparkling? We’ve got you covered. Curious about the fermentation process of beer? No worries.

We applied our expert video production knowledge and clarity of communication to create easily digestible content that kept the viewer engaged through every step of the process.


Evergreen videos for generations to come

The content we produced for Lion is timeless, these are videos that will survive in perpetuity for any of their partners to enjoy. We built a strong collaborative relationship and set the benchmark for a one-of-a-kind compendium of bartending knowledge - all in an accessible and engaging format.

With Lion we were able to produce content they can be proud of for years to come, packed to the brim with tried and tested information that’s been in circulation for generations. The end result of this partnership was far beyond the original scope of the project, but with informative content this well-aged and golden, who could resist?

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