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Mountain River came to us looking to showcase their unique process, from farm to the kitchens of globally renowned chefs. With that process comes a unique story of provenance. Of product integrity for one of New Zealand’s finest meat producers, and of the authenticity behind everything they stand for. Our challenge was to capture that story along with Mountain River’s uncompromised legacy. From how they treat their animals with care and kindness, to their commitment to plant and nurture native New Zealand bush. We wanted to bundle that all up with our own unique Pop That spin.

A prime New Zealand meat supplier looking for peak content
When Pop came to Crunch

We set out to give Mountain River’s audience a real view into the way the meat is farmed, by showing them the process through the eyes of globally renowned chefs. By collaborating with Mountain River, we flew several well-known chefs from all corners of the globe to New Zealand to see the process behind the world-class meat they serve at their diners, right up close and personal. That’s what end-to-end transparency looks like, and what happily grazing farm animals look like too.


From social content to stakeholder connections

Pop That is a people-focussed organisation just like Mountain River. So when Mountain River said they wanted to meaningfully connect with the people who keep their business running, we knew exactly what they were talking about. With that in mind, we partnered with them to create an online community hub to keep consumers and chefs up-to-date with the farm’s milestones, and major seasonal changes. It was about making information visible, right there at their fingertips.

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