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When OnePure mentioned their relationship with Cure Kids and how they wanted us to help tell their story, we were thrilled! We’ve had a great relationship with OnePure since early 2020, when we helped to share their story of delivering water to drought-ridden communities in Northland. They placed their trust in our ability to deliver on their vision: telling the stories of four inspiring young ambassadors for Cure Kids.

Bottled water is a hugely important part of the lives of kids with sensitive immune and digestive systems, and OnePure has developed a sponsorship agreement with Cure Kids for that very reason. OnePure decided to give each of the featured ambassadors a near-overflowing case of their pH8 artesian water, while we sat down and interviewed the kids and their parents to understand their breathtaking stories.

Telling important stories
Honesty is the best policy

Our favourite part of working with OnePure and Cure Kids was the necessity to tell these stories with honesty and authenticity. This was a project about lived experience, and celebrating these kids who have overcome massive obstacles. There was no cynical marketing agenda, no railroading, and no distraction from what really mattered: the stories themselves.

Pop That brought the film-making know-how, storytelling expertise and confidence required to tell these stories well, and the end result is an authentic insight into the life of a Cure Kid ambassador - one that viewers can relate to and engage with.


Sharing and caring

Since many of the kids we spoke to were immunocompromised, we took extreme precautions even outside of Auckland’s coronavirus lockdowns. Despite being forced to film in small groups, spaced out, and with masks, we were incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to meet these kids. Working alongside Isla, Mela, Eva and Ben to share their stories was an absolute highlight of our 2020, and we were thrilled to be given the opportunity through all the mayhem that year wrought.

We were even more excited when we heard that our videos had contributed towards an increase in donations. Ben’s story was shown at a sponsor event, which then raised as much as $150,000 towards Cure Kids and their ‘big research for little lives.’ We’re hugely thankful to OnePure for enlisting our help in this project, and were humbled by their dedication to building support for Cure Kids’ mission.

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