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Renowned New Zealand bag label Saben approached us to launch the new colour range in their travel line, #duskyrose. Our approach was to collaborate with them to create the most alluring, dreamlike content that would give their audience a rose-tinted journey to discovering the ethereal new colour.

A renowned bag label with a realisable vision
When Pop came to Crunch

Together, Pop That and Saben came up with an angle that had us all fizzing, and thanks to our research, we knew it would get their audience on the same buzz. We created three unique engaging teaser videos in the lead up to the launch of the new colour. The Instagram clips captured the dreamy essence of luxury travel and the slick, modern aesthetic of the new line in mysterious moments of motion.


The reviews are in

The client’s existing hashtag ‘#goingplaces’ meant we had a device to leverage our message and gain momentum on social media where we targeted new and existing Saben followers. Plus, we had #duskyrose as the ‘new news’ to distinguish our campaign. Overall, it led to the new colour range selling out within just one and a half months of Saben’s first #duskyrose teaser video.

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