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Things are shaping up!

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Our mates in Shapeshifter have been keeping busy over the past couple of months as they prepare to drop their latest album RITUALS at the end of July. We’re anticipating a huge release for their first album since 2016, and we’ve been preparing ourselves through an ongoing social media campaign across Facebook and Instagram.

Pop That has been enlisted to communicate with Shapeshifter fans across the country as the band prepares for a tour that’s been years in the making. Alongside the album’s release on July 30th, Shapeshifter is going to be performing their latest tracks at the Christchurch Town Hall, before swinging by Auckland on the 14th of August for a show at Spark Arena.

Meanwhile, Shapeshifter has been featuring some of their favourite tracks on GeorgeFM as part of their month-long station residency. Throughout the rest of the month, you can tune in at 7pm every Wednesday to hear the inspirational and moving tunes that have inspired the band’s journey, as well as the occasional taste of something new from the RITUALS LP.

As Shapeshifter readies themselves for a full-on season of performances and releases we’ve been overhauling their social media presence with a series of previews, interviews and promotional materials. We’ve been doing everything we can to make these exciting next few months as seamless as possible for Shapeshifter, ensuring that us fans have plenty to be excited about throughout the rest of the year.

First gentleman Clarke Gayford seems pumped too! #humblebrag

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