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How is Pop That keeping safe in lock-down?

Pop That has been kicking it in lock-down over the past few weeks, along with the rest of the country, so we wanted to highlight some of the ways our team has been staying connected and keeping sane while we’re stuck indoors.

The silver lining has been an opportunity to breathe during a very busy year.

“It’s given me a chance to relax after a crazy past few months,” says Ben, our Creative Director, “we were traveling all around the country to work on cool shoots.”

Despite the chance for some much-needed relaxation, the peace and quiet is starting to make him uneasy; “the real work is outside, it’s about going to places, meeting people, and capturing moments.”

The rest of the team feels much the same way, “when your only choices are to work at home, relax at home, and socialize at home, it can be quite draining,” notes Charisse, our Production Manager, “as a creative agency, we’re used to things moving fast - it’s nice to slow down, but sometimes my brain feels foggy and uncertain.”

While the lock-down has put a pause on several creative projects, others are proceeding unhindered. “We have a pretty kick-ass and robust system for remote work, so for me it’s been business as usual,” says Marketing Specialist Paul, “but I do miss the odd face-to-face meeting over tea.”

The void left by human interaction has to be filled somehow, and the team has been turning to hobbies both new and old. “I’m trying my hand at embroidery and baking,” says Ben, “classic, I know.”

Charisse, on the other hand, has been rekindling an old passion; “I’ve started drawing again!” Inspired by her first time watching The Lord of The Rings, she had a go at Smeagol.

Lock-downs are always a tad sentimental, and the Pop That crew has been enjoying the chance to connect with family and friends - both within their bubbles and over the net.

“We live in such a technologically advanced time,” says Charisse, “I’m really grateful that we can stay connected.”

“I’ve also been cooking for my bubble of eight, and getting lots of quality time with our weekly household game night.”

Even tough-guy Paul needs a bit of familial love; “I phoned my brother and mother,” he admits, “that usually never happens.”

“Hooray for lock-down.”

But the hardest part, as Charisse puts it:

“I miss Philip and Nicole’s cat.”

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