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Our journey with Cure Kids so far!

We’ve had the privilege of working with Cure Kids over the past months, telling their important stories through a series of videos. After meeting last year through our work with another client, OnePure, we hit it off and they brought us on board for the latest project: a new Cure Kids story.

With Cure Kids celebrating its 50th anniversary, we were honored to create a series of videos to share the exhaustive processes and extraordinary outcomes they’ve made possible over the last five decades.

Pop That’s visual storytelling team have met with doctors and researchers, as well as a number of Cure Kids’ ambassadors and professorial chairs, to better understand the wide reaching impact their funding has on the medical field.

“People often ask: why are we doing the research in New Zealand, why not import the results from somewhere else?” says Dr. Bruce Scoggins, the chair of Cure Kids’ Scientific Advisory Committee, “we’ve got a unique population, a mixed population, [we want to] address issues that can only be solved here.”

Pop That discovered the way Cure Kids enables research that addresses problems specific to New Zealand’s population; providing a better medical experience for our Māori and Pasifika children, while also pushing the medical field on a global scale.

The most impactful experience, though, was meeting the kids themselves. We found inspiring and touching stories as we talked with these kids and their parents, learning about the challenges and triumphs faced by families on a daily basis. Most of all, we were struck with optimism, understanding the ups and downs of illness and the staggering progress made by our medical community thanks to organizations like Cure Kids.

We continue to be humbled by the response to each of these videos, and were especially thrilled to hear that one fundraising dinner raised over $150,000 to support research to help improve, extend and save the lives of Kiwi kids living with serious illnesses and conditions.

Pop That are proud to play a part in telling these stories which have rallied support for this cause, and we hope that they continue to do so across further events.

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