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Talkin' About 'Talk About Us,' Isla Noon's Latest Single

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

We’ve been vibing to Isla Noon’s latest track since it came out last week and we don’t see that stopping anytime soon. ‘Talk About Us’ is another endlessly addictive track from the emerging artist, and we’ve been working closely with our friends over at Bigpop to make the release, well... pop!

Pop That handled the social media campaign for Isla Noon leading up to the release, including sneak previews and promotional materials for the video directed by Mareea Vegas.

In preparation for the big day, our web team got to work on a brand new website for Isla Noon, a home for not just this latest track but all of her upcoming projects too. We worked closely with Bigpop to create a fully-featured web page that can showcase everything from music videos to featured playlists, ticking all the boxes for a new musician breaking into the scene.

We also interviewed Isla Noon for the Bigpop Blog, showcasing her writing process for ‘Talk About Us’ and her ongoing journey through music.

We’re super excited to have been involved in the process leading up to this release and to have lent our marketing expertise to making it as successful as possible. This new track is a major step in Isla Noon’s growth as an artist and we’re going all the way to ensure that her music continues to attract the attention it deserves.

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