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The mural-artist behind Canada Street.

You know what they say, you can’t have a City Rail Link without the city!

Okay, they don’t say that, but some things are worth saying for the hell of it. That freedom of expression is what struck us about Paul Walsh, the mural artist behind the hoardings on Canada Street, just off Karangahape Road.

Paul’s mission was simple; beautifying the unsightly wooden slabs hiding the brand new CRL construction project, all-the-while maintaining that old-school neighbourhood vibe K. Road is known for.

Alright, we lied about it being simple.

His signature lowbrow street art style now lines the project with animals, embodying the urban jungle spirit while celebrating K. Road as the city’s Capital of Culture.

Paul’s staying considerate of the city wildlife by keeping an eco-friendly approach to how he selects his materials - minimising waste and emphasising the wellbeing of his pet portraits.

Pop That scored an exclusive urban safari with Paul as he worked on the mural.

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