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What’s Poppin’ at Pop That - July

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

July has been an exciting month for us, with oodles of events, releases, and announcements across the board.

We’ve been hard at work producing all sorts of #popcornworthy content for our broad client base. Whether they’re incredible videos from our visual storytelling team, beautiful sites from our web designers, or gripping content from our marketing department (wink, wink) - everything we do is for the express purpose of equipping our partners with the best tools possible.

This month has been no exception, just take a look at this tiny slice of what we’ve been up to…

‘Talk About Us,’ Isla Noon’s Newest Single Release

We kicked off the month with the release of Isla Noon’s latest single, ‘Talk About Us,’ from our mates at Bigpop Records. Having worked with Bigpop on their recent brand overhaul, Pop That was invited to work with their records and publishing team to develop a marketing strategy for this latest release.

Image by Mareea Vegas ~

We took the reins in building a strong social media campaign, leading up to the launch of her digital single and music video. All hands were on deck to produce mesmerizing promo videos and to develop a beautiful artist website to persist across future releases.

We’re thrilled with the release of ‘Talk About Us,’ and have been stoked to see it getting the attention it deserves. There are plenty of exciting projects in the pipeline at Bigpop, so be sure to keep an eye out as our relationship develops further!

Shapeshifter’s RITUALS Tour and Album Release

This month has also been huuge for Shapeshifter, with their highly anticipated LP RITUALS entering the scene on July 30th. In anticipation of this iconic release, Pop That took on the role of social media management for the band so they could focus on bigger fish.

We performed a ‘swift freshen’ of their web presence to better realize their iconic authentic voice, producing buckets of video to keep fans hyped and ready to blast these new tunes. To celebrate the release, Shapeshifter announced shows in Christchurch and Auckland, giving fans an opportunity to share the moment.

We’re going to be at the Auckland show on August 14th to soak in the vibes - so be sure to join us if you’re a fan of good music!

+ We’re Sponsoring WWF Whale Tales!

We recently announced that Pop That is sponsoring the World Wildlife Foundation’s Whale Tales campaign. This event aims to address the ever-increasing damage to our oceans through a citywide sculpture trail, packed with awesome whale tail designs by local artists and whānau.

Follow the trail here:

As a young Auckland-based business, we’re hyper-aware of the importance of protecting our environment. We’re inspired by the ambition displayed by WWF in their advocacy to protect our planet, and believe that these considerations are vital to how we do business.

We’re extremely thankful to be in a position to back important causes, and this is afforded to us by the support we receive from our incredible partners. Pop That continues to grow in exciting ways, and we’re eager to keep pushing boundaries while providing awesome content to all of our mates.

Thanks, pals, talk soon!


Pop That

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