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"There’s waiting for commencement, waiting for the message, waiting for the love of your life, to walk into your world and tell you that you’ve made it... that it’s all worthwhile​"

Cut Off Your Hands (COYH) play an infectious, skittering, art-influenced brand of proto-punk indie pop. 2016 sees an explosive return of the group; to both stage and studio!


Since its inception in early 2006 this New Zealand four-piece has been riding high on a wave of critical acclaim and industry attention. Bouncing off each other with poptastic melodies, jagged guitars and jerky stop start rhythmic patterns you’d be encouraged to think of Split Enz unhinged covering Gang of Four songs to get a real idea of the brilliant musical head space COYH occupy.


Having enjoyed time away from intense touring, 2016 sees COYH return to the fold with a headline spot at The Others Way festival, new music, and a return to Laneway Festival in 2017 for their 4th appearance. With some new hot tracks in their arsenal, and a live show that hasn’t lost any of its punch, keep an eye on Cut Off Your Hands, that is, if you like fresh biscuits!!

A band of doggies from New Zealand, running around the yard doing our own thing.


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