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We love to work with Auckland based boutique music company Banished Music. Our long-standing relationship began when we launched their digital campaign for the A Place To Bury Strangers tour in 2018, and we continue to channel Banished’s creative, enterprising nature with every piece of content we produce for their artists and tours.

We take a collaborative approach with the work, which allows us to deliver video adverts and run social media advertising ~ to promote tours, shows and artists in a way that fully encapsulates their character.

An edgy music company with a need for eccentric content
Feeling the music

Getting in tune with the Banished vibe means we can deliver content that gets their audience moving - which we have! Together, our campaigns have produced, on average, a 700% return on investment to date; which is music to our ears!

We’ve worked on 54 campaigns, with more to come, alongside artists such as Nadia Reid, The Veils, The Chills, Chelsea Jade and heaps more.


Getting results

We love linking people and bands; developing new fans and nudging culture forward ~ the cherry on top of creating amazing content and delivering a high return on investment for our mates.

Whether it be measured through clicks or ticket sales ~ we’re excited to see this partnership develop even further in the future!

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