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We started working with Bigpop last year after they told us about their upcoming rebrand. After growing alongside Aotearoa’s music industry for so long, they had amassed a collection of all sorts of identities and alter-egos. They had a lot on their plate, and they needed our help to come up with a sustainable strategy moving forward.

Together, we overhauled their image and consolidated their titles under one unified brand. Over several months we built a firm collaborative relationship with Bigpop as we worked to nail down their brand and identify their core values. The result was a transformation in their marketing - trimming the fat and bringing their various labels together as a new-and-improved trifecta: Bigpop Studios, Records, and Publishing.

A music studio looking for a remix
Taking it online

With this transformation came an overhaul to their online presence. The key to this was their fancy new website, designed from the ground up by our talented crew of web-wizards. The goal was to present everything that makes Bigpop great in one place, distributed across the three pillars of their business.

Alongside the new website, we premiered a blog that enables Bigpop to share their latest news and keep up with clients through posts written by our marketing team. The Bigpop Blog enables a direct line of communication between Bigpop and their customers, streamlining their relationship and maintaining the relaxed and open atmosphere they love to promote.


Sticking the landing

Within days of publishing the website, Bigpop had already started hearing from new contacts. Not only that, but they were getting outstanding feedback from existing partners, too! To celebrate, the Pop That crew worked alongside Bigpop to throw their biggest party ever, packed to the rafters with Bigpop’s outstandingly talented whānau.

We built a strong working relationship with Bigpop over the course of their relaunch, and that relationship has persisted through long term marketing and consultation. We’ve continued to work closely with Bigpop and their artists on several projects since, applying our passion for high quality marketing to everything from brand visibility, to individual track releases. We can’t wait to see how this partnership develops in the future, and we’re proud to be part of the Bigpop family.

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