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Bree Le Roux - coach, mentor, speaker and facilitator - currently runs her own life-coaching business. She approached Pop That a few years back to launch a YouTube channel focusing on mental and physical health, lifestyle tips, and educating her viewers on topics such as mindfulness, gratitude and intention-setting.

Our team managed both smaller and larger scale productions, where Bree invited guests onto her segment ‘The Human Experience,’ to speak about their personal experiences on topics like addiction and mental health. These topics aligned with Bree's values and goals for her channel - and we were very excited to make it happen by applying our versatile and flexible team to create high quality content on smaller budgets.

Introducing life-coaching to a new audience.
How we made it happen.

We brought our team in to make it happen - everything from pre-production to the final edit were taken care of, so Bree could focus on her vision for the content. The edits are always a collaborative effort, where we take multiple bouts of feedback before locking in a final video that Bree could be excited about. We also managed her marketing, which saw her channel grow organically to over 2.7K subscribers.

Other projects we've worked on with Bree have been the launch of her website. We built the site to cater to her personal business and YouTube channel. We managed everything from getting the look and feel of the website to perfection, to helping set up email communications with her subscribers.


Sharing the knowledge.

Something we love to do is help our clients work towards managing their own business and marketing themselves. We understand how to get the most out of a small budget, and help our clients on their way with things like managing their own social media or making small edits to their website when they need to.

Bree's website is now the main point of contact for her clients, and she is successfully running her business. Bree’s YouTube channel has gained thousands of viewers and she has recently recruited a new life coach within her business. We've loved helping Bree on her visual storytelling journey and can’t wait to continue working together.

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