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From humble beginnings in Canterbury, Leighs Construction has grown over the best part of three decades to establish itself as a leader in the New Zealand construction industry.

After the completion of the Mt Eden Correctional Facility and the Smales Farm B: Hive projects, Leighs decided that their digital footprint needed to align with their growing reputation.

Attention to detail and focus on future-proofing are obvious Leighs Construction values, so they knew that putting their best digital foot forward would be a key factor in attracting new staff and projects alike.

Trusted project delivery
New website

First on the menu was a fresh new website - one that would be fully optimized and responsive for the latest in operating systems and hardware. For most people in the modern world, a website will be a primary point of contact with a brand and will act as a digital flagship.

Our focus was to create a simple yet elegant design that compliments the work being done, while also providing a performance-focused platform for seamless operation, maintenance and analytics.


Brand optimisation

There are additional benefits to constructing a new website too such as optimising SEO performance and providing an opportunity to update data protection protocols and general cyber security systems.

Making sure your site appears in as many search engine queries as possible can be a genuine competitive advantage, especially if your brand message is clear once an audience arrives on site.

On top of a slick new website, our design team helped Leighs with new logos, graphical icons, social media templates and both video and photography work to bring the brand into a new era.

Matching external communication elements with the new web design language means a consistent brand message from top to bottom, reinforcing a sense of stability and trustworthiness.

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