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We immediately bonded with Lisa Lloyd-Taylor over our love of breaking the mold. Lisa is a real estate agent from Central Auckland, primarily working in the Ponsonby and Grey Lynn areas. She’s not your typical real-estate agent, and loves to dive head-first and get involved with the community.

If you visit her website, you’ll find a blog where she keeps up with all the passionate and interesting people doing business within the local community. She likes to stay involved and interested, with a background in arts and a fun-loving attitude. It was clear from the get-go that Pop That and Lisa Lloyd-Taylor were a match made in heaven.

A real estate agent looking for her online home
Finding the perfect fit

Lisa wanted a brand new website for her business, venturing out from a traditional real estate structure and flexing her independence. Through an exciting collaborative process, and a lot of consultation and development of her brand identity, Pop That was able to hook her up with a website she could be proud of.

As this was her very first website, Pop That helped Lisa with the entire process from inception to execution. It was a pleasure having her involved with the process as we shared ideas and tested concepts. The end result is a fresh home for her business that showcases her unique personality and approach to real-estate.


Friends for life

We have an ongoing partnership with Lisa to provide updates to her website and marketing services via email and social media. We loved working together, so maintaining that connection was a no brainer. We’re stoked to help Lisa’s business grow with our variety of services, ensuring that she’s set up with everything she needs to succeed and bring her awesome attitude to more clients.

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