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Oosterom is a fresh creative label started by designer Nicole Hadfield during the 2020 lockdown. She approached us to showcase her work online and develop an web presence to sell her pieces, and we knew it had to be a knockout.

Nicole wanted a wholly unique site that showcased the distinct aesthetics of her brand, highlighting the gorgeous photography that brought her designs into focus. The goal was to create a site that communicated Oosterom’s idiosyncrasies from the very first glance, leaving a strong and unforgettable impression.

A new creative label breaking into the online world.
Tailored to fit.

Pop That was heavily involved throughout the entire process, contributing to the overall design of both the website and the brand itself. Down to the logo, we were committed to staying in touch with Nicole’s vision to form a design that screamed “Oosterom.”

To meet that goal, we designed a site with a distinctive yet naturalistic layout that borrows design cues from the works themselves. In keeping with Oosterom’s roots, we wanted to construct a site that felt entirely independent from a typical corporate design. The end result became a simple yet electric mix of creativity and practicality, perfectly in-line with Oosterom’s identity.


Wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Key to the success of this design was a balance between aesthetics and readability. Beyond communicating a vision, Oosterom’s website is first and foremost a place of business. Nicole wanted the site to honestly and effectively present herself and her brand, so she could engage with visitors ahead of the launch of her first collection.

We can’t wait to keep working alongside Oosterom as the site is populated with more stunning creations throughout its growth.

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