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Pop That was introduced to Periscope in 2019, when we first started working alongside them on various design and marketing projects. Our expert production and editing team provided support to their agency by creating videos and animations to match their outstanding designs.

Over the years we’ve built a strong cooperative relationship, effectively becoming two departments within a single team. Pop That’s flexibility has allowed us to seamlessly integrate ourselves into the Periscope process, and deliver wicked results to their clients.

Providing support to a first-class agency
Joined at the hip

Together we’ve provided results for numerous clients, including Bluebird, Doritos, Uncle Toby’s, Gatorade and Maggi. With our support, Periscope is able to focus on the big picture while we take care of photography and animation, forming a reliable process with all of the efficiency and communication of a totally in-house production.

Periscope knows they can rely on us in a pinch. Pop That is always ready to provide a video that lives up to their gorgeous printed designs, ready to light up social media with attention-grabbing content.


Attention-grabbing content

Video has proven to be extremely effective for reaching people. This is particularly true during the Covid-19 lockdown, throughout which we’ve continued to work alongside Periscope to create great advertising content to reach an at-home audience.

We’ve been able to create a staggering amount of video content remotely, thanks to flexibility of both our video team and the medium of animation. Pop That has been able to support Periscope as they shift their campaigns during long periods of lockdown. By working together as two agencies, we’re able to combine our strengths and produce results that exceed expectations.

With all the mindblowing feedback we’ve received from clients, Pop That is proud to work alongside Periscope to create exceptional campaigns that deliver results.

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