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Sleep Loop began as a collaboration between Pop That and physiologist Gareth O’Donnell, who we met through our work with WellMe. Gareth wanted to create a resource that was squarely focused on the health impacts of sleep; to raise awareness of the importance of healthy sleeping habits, and share ways for ordinary people to make extraordinary changes.

It was an opportunity for us to apply our creative expertise to a brand from the moment of its inception, demanding that we provide high quality materials to cover all the bases as Sleep Loop grew. This was an exciting challenge for the team, working together with Sleep Loop for every step of the journey and covering everything from constructing the brand identity, to maintaining an ongoing social media strategy.

Building a health brand from scratch
Bringing it all together

Pop That was able to provide everything needed to make Sleep Loop a reality, delivering a snazzy website packed with features. We created a thoughtful and clearly designed website to present all the information that readers need to learn about their sleep. We wanted to create a one-stop shop for all the info you could need about healthy sleep, and we’re proud to say we pulled it off!

Beyond the information available across the site, we also constructed a more personalized view at individual sleeping habits. My Sleep Score allows readers to get personalized insights into their behaviour, receiving a free profile that identifies key ways in which they can improve their sleep quality. Offering this service allows Sleep Loop to passively build relationships with prospective clients through their website.


Dreaming of the future

Pop That worked tirelessly alongside Sleep Loop to develop and launch their company, but that’s not where our work ended. We’ve continued to provide our marketing expertise and produce creative content for their website. We maintain active social media pages, and have helped the Sleep Loop team establish a podcast and blog to share information on an even larger scale!

Sleep Loop is still growing, and we’re excited to keep playing a part in that growth.

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