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Having worked with The Being Way founder Bree Le Roux on her solo projects, we were thrilled to hear that she was establishing a new business that would bring other life coaches together to share her method across New Zealand and the United States.

To make it happen, we needed a fresh website to take her business online. With our previous experience working together, getting a grasp on her vision was no sweat at all. It wasn’t long before we were hard at work developing a site that would match her brand and provide an expandable platform to fit all her needs.

Building a temple
The start of something new

It was important for this website to be flexible: a scalable platform for blogs, podcasts, videos and more. We maintained a strong collaborative spirit by engaging with Bree throughout the process, teaching her how to best utilize and grow the site alongside her brand.

By working together we were able to hone Bree’s branding and style. That collaborative process allowed consistent feedback which meant we could develop an aesthetic that she loves.


Teeing up success

A key purpose for this website was to provide services to the United States, which presented unique logistical challenges. With our collaborative method we were able to discuss these concerns and ultimately devise an effective and affordable solution that suited The Being Way team perfectly.

We also added several features that made the website easier to use for an international audience, integrating Google Calendar, Zoom, and custom emails.

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