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Wellme, being a media focused organisation who use video content to follow their launches, exercises and seminars, recognise the value of rich media content to support what they do in person for their patrons. So when the opportunity arose to work with this innovative, wellness-oriented company, we were eager to get started.

As the first company to bring epigenetics to corporate New Zealand, Wellme are dedicated to promoting and helping people on their journey of wellness, with the vision to proactively transform the lives of working kiwis. We collaborated with them to create a series of videos explaining a variety of good workplace habits and to help launch their Shae Wellness App.

This shows how we at Pop That likes to get a good sense of our client's values and gage what they're all about. We dove deep into the Shae Wellness campaign by all participating in their 90 day wellness challenge, helping us gain understanding and better exposure to Shae's vision of wellness in the workplace.

A network of experts and coaches
What we delivered

Our work with Wellme started when Pop That created their website landing page, marketing, social media campaigns and movie-trailer style videos. We created this wide array of content with the purpose of garnering awareness and enthusiasm about epigenetics for their customers. And popthat’s work didn’t stop there. We went on to make instructional videos summing up how to implement wellbeing tips into daily life. One of the projects we worked on was the launch of pH360 at Yellow Digital. When capturing the launch, we were sure to put their unique app at the forefront of transforming wellness at work. Two of our team captured the day, focusing on creating a relaxed yet informative overall feel. This piece of content showcased the key move Wellme made in creating an app to help the health of Kiwi workers.


How much did it Pop?!

Since rolling out the content, Wellme found that our in-depth understanding of their clients and their customer journey led to incredible results. Wellme are at near capacity with clients and we are excited to continue our collaborative partnership which so far, has lasted three fruitful years.

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