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We’re big fans of the World Wildlife Foundation, so when we heard they were creating a citywide art exhibition to bring attention to ocean health, we got pretty excited! The Whale Tales Art Trail is an Auckland-wide sculpture trail that dots the landscape with dozens of striking whale tails, each designed by sponsors and community members.

When we met Bex, the Marketing Manager for the WWF Whale Tales exhibition, we knew it was a match made in heaven. Jumping on the opportunity to sponsor the event was an absolute no brainer, and we were honoured to be given the responsibility to build their Virtual Trail.

Tales worth telling
Taking it online

The Virtual Trail was a huge and ambitious project, involving full 3D photography of each and every sculpture in its natural habitat. Our visual storytelling team split into groups and travelled all across the city, experiencing everything the trail had to offer whilst preparing for the launch event.

We saw each and every tail, so you can trust us when we say they’re pretty awesome! When that was finished, it was up to the web design team to put it all together into a snappy and accessible website, with support for virtual reality headsets just in case!


This tale has a happy ending!

Although the pandemic caused serious complications for the Whale Tales project, we worked tirelessly alongside the team at WWF to ensure the launch event was successful. The virtual trail was especially important since those who were isolating, or otherwise unable to visit the trail, would be able to soak up the experience from home!

The result was absolutely spectacular! Visitors to the launch event were able to witness what makes Whale Tales so special from our virtual reality booth, and the Pop That crew were able to unwind after several months of hard work by participating in WWF’s launch day scavenger hunt!

Working with WWF on this project has been such a pleasure, and we were thrilled to have this opportunity to show our appreciation for our moana.

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