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How we set up EightyTwo Interiors with a fresh website!

The team’s been loving all of the websites we’ve been able to create this year, so we thought we’d shine the spotlight on a design we recently delivered to EightyTwo Interiors.

This Dunedin based interior design business is owned and operated by Sophie McCormick. Affectionately named after her old street address, EightyTwo Interiors is something of a personal undertaking - so we knew how important it was to create a site she’d be proud to call home.

It was vital for this new website to embody the brilliance of EightyTwo Interiors’ design chops. Designing for a designer is no easy task, but our web team was excited to meet that challenge. Our goal was to create a site that was clean, organized and beautiful, all while capturing the personal touch that elevates EightyTwo Interiors above the rest.

We sat down with Sophie to discuss her vision for this young business, to uncover what she was looking for and to familiarize ourselves with what makes her… her!

We work with a variety of clients at different stages of ideation, and are always excited to meet the varied needs of businesses both young and old. It was a dream come true to help Sophie refine her branding and piece together the ultimate website.

We had a blast collaborating with Sophie to realize this project and our launch went off without a hitch! It’s always such a pleasure being involved in the early stages of a business, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next for Sophie and EightyTwo Interiors.

If you’re in Otago and are looking for a brilliant interior-design minded business, check out EightyTwo Interiors! We hear they’ve got a new website…

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