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A year in images!

It's been a huge year for Pop That, and we feel unbelievably lucky to have shared it with you! We wanted to get a bit sentimental and share just a few moments from the past year.

2021 was Pop That's fifth year in the biz, and what a year it was! We jumped right into it with some epic projects alongside awesome people. We reunited with existing partners and welcomed plenty of fresh faces to the Pop That family.

We were super lucky to see Shapeshifter's incredible Auckland show just before we entered lock-down. Being stuck at home wasn't easy, but thanks to the power of Zoom we were able to stay in touch and keep on keepin' on. Once we entered Level 3 it was back out into the world for our video team, telling stories and capturing moments. It's like we never left!

We're so grateful to have had a chance to share the past year with all of you, and we can't wait to make even more memories in the new year! See you soon.

x Pop That

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