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Calling young musicians! The Youthtown Songwriting Competition is on!

We were thrilled to help with last year’s Youthtown Songwriting Competition, creating dozens of videos to share the winners’ outstanding tracks across Facebook and Instagram.

This year we’ve been lucky to get involved from the jump, to make sure that every young artist across the country is aware of this awesome opportunity.

We worked with Play It Strange and their friends, Sophie Brown and Katie-Lee Webster, to highlight the fun and creativity that makes this competition truly special in a new announcement video, shot at Parachute Music.

The Youthtown Songwriting Competition provides an opportunity for students in Years 9, 10, and 11 to flex their creative muscles and develop their very own song. Any single or group of eligible students can record a track on their phone or laptop and send it through for entry.

If chosen, artists will be invited to re-record their track at one of several recording studios across the country, and have their concept developed into a professional sounding track ready for streaming!

Last year, Pop That helped to promote the release of the Youthtown Songwriting Competition 2021 album, which was made up of fifty tracks of varying genres. We were blown away by the quality and creativity on display, and can’t wait to see Play It Strange take the competition further with an even bigger album than last year!

So far the response to the announcement has been incredible, with nearly 200,000 views across TikTok alone! We hope to see even more entries pour in over the next few weeks.

We also sat down with Finn and Mayank, two very talented young musicians, to cover some tips for hopeful entrants! Check out our first Q&A below, with more to come soon!

Be sure to let the young creatives in your life know about this awesome opportunity!

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