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What's Poppin' at Pop That - November

Despite Auckland’s ongoing lock-down, Pop That has been keeping the energy up as we on-board new clients, kick-off exciting projects, and revisit some of our finest moments.

Pop That in lock-down.

We recently highlighted some of the ways our team is keeping safe and staying connected throughout Auckland’s time in Level 4. After a bustling first half of the year, the lock-down provided an abrupt break to a number of video productions - a blessing and a curse for our eager visual storytelling crew.

After enjoying some well-earned quiet time, Creative Director Ben and Production Manager Charisse were both chomping at the bit to get back out there. “The real work is outside, it’s about going to places, meeting people, and capturing moments,” Ben noted.

Thankfully, the move to Level 3 allowed several on-pause projects to resume in a limited capacity, while the most recent move to Step 2 has opened things up even further!

We’re excited to bring even more #popcornworthy content to our partners over the following months as we exit Level 3 and return to normalcy, so stay tuned.

A new boss for a new generation.

The most exciting shake-up for the Pop That crew has been the introduction of our new leader, and latest member of the Hadfield dynasty… Avery!

Our latest addition to the team can’t even talk yet, but has already got Philip catering to his every need. What a natural!

The team keeps growing!

Avery isn’t the only newbie worth celebrating, Pop That has also welcomed three new outstanding additions to our growing Marketing and Social Media team!

Vicky is our newest copy-writer, and is already smashing out some incredible articles for our friends over at Edison Clinic. Alongside our Brand Journalist, Felix, Vicky has been covering a range of wellness and productivity topics to add value for Edison’s members. We’re always excited to learn some new tricks from her outstanding pieces!

Sophie and Shakira are our new social media specialists. You may have noticed a surge of exciting posts on our social media channels, including our refreshed TikTok account! This dynamic duo are experts at keeping their fingers on the pulse, and we’ve been learning a lot about how to optimize our social media output with fresh and engaging content.

Speaking of content…

We’ve been keeping our editing team busy with a series of videos for Play It Strange to promote their Youthtown Songwriting Competition 2021 album. This new album is chock-a-block with forty-nine tracks created by young songwriters across New Zealand’s high-schools.

Our editors have been killing it with dozens of awesome lyric videos that bring these tracks to a new audience on Facebook and Instagram.

Now is the perfect time to grab audiences with outstanding visual content. Video content on social media has experienced a surge in popularity with the recent lock-downs, and the Pop That team has been thrilled to help our clients seize the opportunity.

The last few months have been very exciting for the Pop That team, with fresh faces and plenty of exciting projects to keep us motivated as we begin the holiday season. With the new year fast approaching, there’s plenty more excitement to come!

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